Hip Turn in the Golf Swing

Increasing your swing speed is a matter of increasing your strength to hit it farther, however, there are other factors. Here’s 3 simple ways to swing it faster to get that extra distance.

3 Ways to Increase Swing Speed

1) Learn to Swing On Plane- When you swing on plane, you are maximizing the natural power of your golf swing. When the club is perfectly on line (on plane) throughout the swing, no extra energy is wasted. There is no looping in the swing that detracts from swing speed.

Having a straight back and yoga trapeze straight through swing will allow you to swing basically as hard as you want, and the ball will just go further. However, if you swing harder while not being on plane, the ball will lose distance and accuracy.

2) Exercise the Core Muscles and Increase Flexibility- Doing some basic abs, lower back, and oblique exercises for a couple weeks will increase your swing speed. Have you ever tried a yoga class? This is a great way to increase flexibility and work the core at the same time.

The swing rotates around the core of your body, and a stronger core means longer shots. Having more flexibility in the core and rest of the body will elongate your swing as well. A longer swing means more swing speed.

Core strength and flexibility is a very crucial aspect to swing speed and should not be looked upon lightly.

3) Get a Proper Fitting or Adjustment To Your Clubs- Have you checked if your equipment is right for you? Getting on a launch monitor with your local pro or at a golf shop will really open your eyes. You may be using the wrong shaft, have the wrong degree face on your driver, or a myriad of other problems.

Getting a proper length shaft, kick point, degree on the face, proper sized grip, and other factors can add distance in a major way to your golf swing. This is perhaps the easiest way to add a few quick yards, as it doesn’t take any extra work, just a little money.

However, swinging on plane and having a strong core could be seen as more important in the scheme of things. Being on plane with a strong core will make you a more athletic golfer and your distance will surely increase.


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