Mental Health Equals Sexual Health

In today’s fast paced, production oriented society, we tend to easily lose focus of some of the important things and allow ourselves to get stressed and frustrated with menial and trivial consequences of our achievement based existence. Our mental health is something that has been brushed by the wayside and it is hurting us more than you or I realize. Psychological problems are one of the biggest factors in sexual health related issues. Your mind is a powerful thing and it is the starting point for erections, orgasms, and even arousal. If we can learn to harness our minds then we will see great advances in our sex lives as well. Lets take a look at how our mental health can so greatly affect our sex life and well being.iso 45003

First things first, the beginning of sexuality is arousal. Arousal begins in the brain and if you do not have a healthy and clear brain function, then it will be extremely difficult to enjoy any type of sexuality. Without arousal there is no sexuality, because it is the very beginning point to sex. A clear head is a head that is ready to trigger the senses and neurons that tell your body to begin carrying out the actions that are necessary to sex activities and intercourse.

Psychological health is also important because it can help you develop an air of confidence that you never had before. When life weighs you down and stress gets the best of you, it can be difficult to keep a healthy view of yourself sometimes. When your confidence level drops, it can be nearly impossible to even become aroused because your self image is so low that you can not even imagine another human being becoming interested in you much less aroused by you. This psychological phenomenon of not seeing yourself as someone who could make someone else aroused makes it difficult for you to become aroused yourself. Thus you enter into a vicious cycle of lack of arousal that makes it nearly impossible to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Another way that psychological issues can block you from having a healthy level of sexuality is from the function of the body and blood flow that is necessary for an erection and also controlled by the brain. When your brain is clouded and bent toward unhealthy thoughts of self denial and pity, then it makes it difficult to carry out the secondary or extra functions of the body like erectile ability. The brain needs to be able to tell the heart to send blood to the capera cavernosa so that you can get an erection. Everybody knows that an erection is what makes sexual intercourse possible, but what people don’t know is that a healthy mind is what makes an erection possible. This is because a healthy mind can tell a healthy body to send blood to a healthy penis so that sex can be performed in the best and most enjoyable way.

One other way that psychological health and keeping a mind free of clutter and stress can help enhance your sexuality is by allowing you to relax. When you are stressed out and your mind is all cluttered, there is no way for your body to fully and completely relax. Breathe easy and deeply and lay on your back with your eyes closed. Allow your frustrations to simply release themselves from your body and you will be completely relaxed. This is one of the best ways to enjoy sex and experience a healthy sex life. Learning to relax is key to being able to get an erection, sustain sexuality and intercourse, and to control your orgasms. With all of these things achieved through simply being able to relax, you can have a healthy sex life simply by learning this one thing. Clear your mind and keep a healthy state of mind and you will see your sex life improve almost immediately.

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