Movies Can Help Rejuvenate Your Inner Enthusiasm

A healthy diet of the right kind of movies can make a huge difference in your life. It certainly has in mine. Movies, particular ones based on real life experiences, that have themes of determination can stoke those inner fires. Hollywood loves to focus on the underdog and so many of us can relate. If you are not where you want to be in life right now, then you are in the underdog camp. But it’s important to state at the outset that you are going to watch movies a little differently. You need to watch them as a student of success and determination. Your inner fire is a furnace and you are on a relentless search for firewood to feed this inner furnace, so you can maximize your human potential. If, after they are over, you are talking about wardrobe, haircuts, or your favorite actor/actress – you are missing the boat entirely.

If you are paying attention, you will start to see the interconnecting universal themes of personal success. You will start to see real solid practical concepts. When I first saw the film “Invictus,” I was blown away by the palpable themes of personal success. You can deeply contemplate the role of forgiveness for one. How to inspire yourself and how to inspire others is another topic it explores. And then there’s “I haven’t even begun to work them.” Forgiveness, focus, inspiration, work ethic – it sounds like Success 101 to me. This is what you get when you scratch the surface of “Invictus.” visit:-

To go in a completely different direction, the movie “Legally Blonde” is also chalk full of great inspirational themes. Have you ever felt underestimated by someone? It’s a movie about determination and self-examination. It’s a movie about using anger constructively. Ride the wave of vindication baby.

Inner enthusiasm keeps you youthful. Take a moment to pause here and close your eyes see what I just wrote in your mind’s eye, inner enthusiasm keeps you youthful. Start to relate it to your own life and joy. This youthfulness will shine through and will lead to a more fulfilled life. Movies are an easy and enjoyable way to rev up your inner enthusiasm and help you get back in touch with the inner child that wasn’t bogged down with cynicism or the pock mark scars of life’s meteor strikes. When the buzz of the inspirational film where’s off, rent or go see another one until you can sustain your own high-octane inspiration. In addition to the personal success strategy theme I’m building here, we’ll also look at this from a sound psychological perspective.

Let’s look at it from a child psychology point of view as well. You’ve likely heard the phrase “kids are like sponges.” With respect to the “sponge theory,” if there is a difference between kids and adults it is this: kids need an adult to redirect their focus and adults must do it on their own. As adults we need to be careful regarding the negative messages that we expose ourselves to, take the recession for example. If you took two adults, who had reason to be concerned about their financial security because of the recession, and one adult constantly watched the financial news network as well as the regular news and the other merely checked in on the news and instead watched motivational imagery, who do you think would fair better all things being equal? Think back to 2009 when the stock market was falling like chunks of a glacier into the sea. What strategy would you suggest? You would have to be extremely mentally tough to see negative imagery and not be affected. We should aspire to that mental toughness, but until we get there – keep the imagery positive.

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