Various Types of Door Security Systems

The door security system plays the vital role in increasing the overall security of premises. There are various types of security systems, which can be chosen for residential and business purposes. However, they vary according to the purpose they need to be served for. In this aspect, here are a few types of door securities system, which can be chosen to increase the overall security of your premises;

Card readers: This is one of the easily recognized types of security for all types of doors. This system seeks a card to designate individuals’ access. This can be installed in more than one security area to allow entry of people. The three basic types of cards available will include RFID, bar code and magnetic strip. The magnetic strip may need the card-holder to simply swipe the card through the card reader. Whereas, the bar code will need the card to be held near card reader for scanning the details. In case of RFID, there is no need to display the card for reading.

Keypad controls: This uses alphanumeric or numeric keypad for accessing. This may be a single password or a number or a code that can be assigned for individual access. This security system is better than the card reader, as if the card is lost or stolen, the person will permanently lose the access.

Radio transmitters: This is used for opening automatic garage doors by just pressing a button on transmitter, which will send signals to automatic opener or the security guards for opening the door. This is the best choice for a large-drive-through door that will open slowly.

Magnetic locks:  This lock has no moving parts, and it can last longer compared to other types. This uses electromagnet; however, in case of the power failure it locks quickly and increases the security by not opening.

Phone entry systems: This is something similar to CCTV security system, however, it features voice ID instead of visual ID.

Patent door locks: This will seek a patent to access the door. Every individual need to access the door will be given a pattern to open and close the door, and this will increase the overall security of the door.

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