Uses of the wood lathe

Modern carpenters are not doing a single step without using their wood lathe. This device has helped them perform quality cut and drilling to the desired wooden parts and make them the best craftsmen ever.

The question of what the best wood lathe is, remains in each craftsman mind since there is not a single model which can be said to be the most impressive one against the whole competition.

First, using the wood lathe you can perform all kinds of reshaping to a wooden part. There are people who have old furniture that need to be reshaped. The wood lathe is the tool that can sharpen the edges of the wooden parts and make them shine again.

Then the wood lathe is great in drilling holes to wooden parts. Carpenters simply need to regulate the depth of the drilling and place them on top of the wood lathe working surface. This would be enough to give them quality drilling when you mostly need it.

Finally, one of the best goals for the wood lathe is to take advantage of its higher RMP motor to smoothen the surface of the wooden parts so that it is ready to accept painting. The wood lathe can easily remove the older layer of painting from the wooden parts and reveal the underlying wooden surface. This is something that no other tool can do with such precision and gentle functioning.

What are the safety precautions when using a wood lathe?


Carpenters know well that wood particles coming out of the lather when sharpening or drilling wooden parts are extremely harmful for their health. That is why the use of a high-speed wood lather has always to be combined with extreme measures.

Protective eyeglasses have to be worn by craftsmen when drilling wood. This is because the high-speed wood particles coming out of the wooden parts may insert your eyes and provoke serious injuries and permanent damage to your sight abilities.

What may happen to your eyes may even happen to your skin as well. You need to wear clothes that have tiny pores so that the wooden particles cannot enter your superficial layer of your skin. In case that happens, you may suffer from special skin irritation that can last for weeks and limit your ability to work or your social activities as well.

Finally, one of the most sensitive body systems that is negatively affected by the wood particles is the pulmonary and respiratory systems. Many carpenters are developing chronic respiratory disfunctions after long periods of wood sharpening. That is why a good practice for wood lathe use could be the adoption of facial masks that cover your nose and mouth areas. These masks usually have adequate filters to give you purified from particles air to be inhaled.

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Wood lathe special energy requirements


A wood lathe is a rather energy efficient tool. Although, it works in higher RMP, it is equipped with an inverter type motor that reserves lots of energy while spinning. That is a precious feature for most countries around the world where electric power is over-priced, and craftsmen are in need for constant work with wood lathe.

There are also some wood lathe models (especially the ones that have extreme mobile abilities) which can use battery mode to operate. These models can work efficiently both in AC and DC power and can even have ECO mode when running through the battery mode.

Wood lathe are powerful drilling and sharpening tools which can merely give you precise cut results in the wood parts of your choice. More and more carpenters are opting out for using wood lathe for their drilling abilities since it can save time and energy while giving higher levels of quality and precision.




Wood lathe is the most commonly used tool in the carpentry industry. It is light to move, and you can have it always with you working in battery mode. The wood lathe gives you more quality for the time spent working on it.

Nowadays you are able to perform any type of drilling and sharpening using the wood lathe. The decision is always yours and the wood lathe can give you more for less.


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